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Ova Corse Team was born between the seventies and the eighties, after a period of break, that lasted for about a decade, and it started working again in 2011, in the city of Voghera.


This town is situated in the beautiful landscape of Oltrepo Pavese, a land of wines and races, and cradle of many drivers. Among the main races in this area, we need to mention the famous “Rally 4 Regioni”, valid for the European Championship. Starting in the seventies, in this rally the best national and international drivers raced in the local streets with their cars writing the history of the rally.


The different circuits in the area of Pavia keep alive the interest in this territory and stimulate, thanks to the organization of such events, the enthusiasm of the people for this sport. In addition, new activities related to the world of rallies have recently developed.


Among these, Ova Corse Team, in the Voghera location, created a department specialized in the preparation and the managing of Porsche 911 as racing cars, thanks to which it can boast many successes in the Italian Championship.

Among the other things Ova Corse manages the schedule and activities of the drivers. Excellent results have encouraged the Team to an even greater commitment in order to reach even more ambitious goals, to be accomplished with the best drivers of this area.